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The Internet - The Most Important
New Medium Since Television.

At N-Tier Inc., we believe a big part of the solution for dealing with the current wave of rapid change, is in sharing information using N-Tier distributed applications on the Net.

Today, the Internet is the computer, and with this fundamental revolution in computing models, and the resulting implications for a new level of global Business and Communications, will bring challenges and opportunities like never before.

The current leaders and trend setters in computer technology such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Novell, Sun and many others, have recently shifted their entire focus toward the Internet and N-Tier computing architectures.

This fundamental shift in business computing models will have far reaching implications that will affect not only your present operations, but eventually your future corporate strategy and even your overall business model.

N-Tier Inc., offers high quality and cost-effective computing software solutions, which help companies adapt to rapid business and technology change. N-Tier provides a flexible, modular approach to Enterprise-class E-Service for all kinds of Business.

N-Tier has assembled an all-star team of partners with all the skills, products , and value-added services necessary to design, deploy, and manage a global e-business. Working together, N-Tier Inc., and our leading-edge partners can help customers go live quickly with dynamic, interactive applications of any scope, anywhere in the world.

If you're a small business and need a turnkey Internet application with no headaches, we can do it for you. Or, if you are a large business and require assistance with designing and developing a multi-tiered distributed application, we can help.

See what we can do for You!

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Helping Clients Achieve Business Advantage Through Information Technology

Turnkey Internet & Intranet Solutions

N-Tier Inc., Specializes in strategic planning, design, and construction of Internet- and Intranet-based applications for corporate clients.

Our expertise in application development, networking, user interfaces, new technologies, and graphic arts helps us to discover new and innovative solutions for complex and continuously changing communications problems.

In today's fast paced marketplace, flexibility and innovation is an important key to sustained growth and development. N-Tier applications provide reliable and flexible Information Services that can grow with your business. Using our existing systems and technical expertise allow you to focus on your key business.

We Have The Technology.


Web Consulting

Information Is Power
You've no doubt heard these words but what do they really mean?

Simply put: If people in your organization don't have access to the right information at the right time, you and your company are in big trouble, big time!

Businesses that build Intranet communication systems have significant advantages over those that don't.

Whether you are building a single Web Page or an entire Internet / Intranet Web Site, we can work with you to help you make the right decisions.


Site Design and Development

The arrival of the Internet and corporate intranets is forcing a transition in how businesses communicate. You can publish your latest product information locally, and the information is instantly available globally, to anyone with access rights.

As the future possibilities of the Web unfold, it will be essential to not merely be On-line but to take the time to establish your identity and present it effectively. All the movies, animated graphics and other special effects in the world will not compensate for a lack of vision or creativity.

Through a highly structured yet flexible approach to Web Site creation, N-Tier has developed a consistent and easy to use framework to manage page content.


Page Creation

Today, a document is not simply the printed word but may also include graphics, audio, interactivity and more.  We'll show you how to seamlessly incorporate Web technology into your existing communication strategies and computer infrastructure.

Using powerful tools based on established and evolving Internet standards, everything from training manuals to standard corporate forms or checklists can now be developed and presented in one consistent and easy to use format.

By utilizing Internet technologies, you can provide simple, network-wide content publishing and management, ensuring that all employees can have access to everything they need to make informed decisions.  You can then seamlessly extend that capability out to your customers and suppliers on a selective basis.


Database Publishing

With a strong background in database technology and systems integration, N-Tier Inc., has moved to the forefront of the Internet / Intranet wave.

At N-Tier, we saw the need for effective data and information Management years ago and developed flexible tools providing people with state-of-the-art access to the information they require.

Combining our application development and database expertise with the immense potential of the Web, allows your customers and employees to have up-to-the-minute information from anywhere. No more obsolete data.


On-line Marketing

There are real opportunities on the Web. Virtually any type of product may now be bought and sold with computer efficiency. Whether you're a store engaging in commerce or a charitable organization trying to raise money and get volunteers, the Internet is a wonderful way to reach out and access over 50 percent of all households in Canada and the US.


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