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 N-Tier ~  Enabling Business Through Technology

N-Tier style Distributed Computing architectures help enable forward-looking businesses ramp up to a new level of system flexibilty and meet today's evolving business paradigms like nothing ever before.

N-Tier ~ Key Enabling Features Include:

Adaptable - Affordable - Manageable - Scalable - Reliable - Reuseable

and while we are able to mention it, let's not forget:

Accessable - Available - Configurable - Capable - Changeable
Connectable - Dependable - Distributable - Doable - Durable
Extendable - Evolvable - Growable - Integratable - Interoperable
Likeable - Maintainable - Marketable - Predictable - Portable
Probable - Profitable - Replicable - Shareable - Securable
Serviceable - Stable - Understandable - Useable - Workable !

( and that's No-ble :-)

Put it all together and you get a flexible and extensible computer framework, that will adapt and evolve along with your Business.
The Heart of Business ~ The Right Stuff !
In the future, as all sectors of the economy become IT-intensive, a Company's core capabilities will be a direct reflection of not only the people they employ and the products they sell, but also by the overall effectiveness of the Information System they increasingly depend on for just about everything.
The "Right Information" ~ at the Right Time and the Right Place
We are moving to a new economy where information is a critical resource, both as organizational input as well as a product in the marketplace. A company's ultimate success may be largely impacted by how well that company is able to provide their Suppliers, Customers and Employees with the "Right Information", where and when it is needed.
Now Is The Time !

Your Clients and Customers Want Information About :
  • How Much
  • How Soon
  • How Come
And They Want It Now !

Ensuring this information is available, how and when your potential customer wants it, will make it easy for the Browser to become the Buyer.

N-ergize your N-terprise
N-Tier helps provide a way to have better information flow in the company and with customers, so businesses can adapt and succeed in the rapidly changing world we're in.

Web-Bots, Automated Agents, Dynamic/Real-Time Supply-Chain Management, including Self-Serve Customer and fully Integrated Supplier Transactions, are all part of a fast train coming.

Businesses will either thrive or die in the transition to a wired world.
We're in the midst of a fundamental reshaping of businesses, markets, and the competitive landscape. Electronic business-to-business commerce will profoundly transform the entire panorama of worldwide commerce.

Within the next five years, at least half of your business will be conducted online through a wide range of options, including new forms of familiar business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships.

The knowledge revolution is now in full progress. From this point on, it's not about the survival of the strongest or the fittest, or the biggest. It is about the survival of the quickest and those that are most agile in adapting to our new world order. It's going to be more and more about who is best able to adapt to ever accelerating technological change and the Information Technology explosion.

N-Tier ~ Enabling Business Through Technology
Our mission is to provide the information and other resources which help connect business and technology through this reliable Distributed Computing environment.

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