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Windows Related Links

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Netware And Windows Directory Services

4Developers - Great software for Windows developers and users

Application Services for Windows NT® Server

Applications Payback - Windows 2000 compatibility problems

Build Reliable and Scalable N-tier Applications that Run on Both Windows NT and Unix --MSJ December 1998

Building N-Tier Solutions with Oracle8i on Windows NT

Building Windows Applications for the Internet Age

Building Windows-Based Applications for the Internet Age - News - Communications - Networking features key to Windows 2000 expansion - News - Enterprise Computing - Microsoft mounts plans to bring out new Windows - News - Enterprise Computing - Study High cost for Windows 2000 transition

CNN - Windows Windows Windows! Three new versions in next 12 months - May 6 1999

DIGITAL OpenVMS and Windows NT - - Enterprise Computing - OpenVMS Systems

High Hopes For The New NT

Home Page [Microsoft Windows 2000 Server]

IBM Application Development Platforms Windows NT

Integrating Windows NT Server 4.0 with NetWare UNIX IBM and Macintosh Operating Systems

Integration of Windows-based ClientServer Systems with Legacy Hosts in the Enterprise

Large-Scale Systems The NT service factory (Datamation Dec.1997Jan.1998)

Microsoft Highlights Growing Developer Momentum for Windows NT 5.0; New Application Services Including COM+ Drive Early Developer Adoption

Microsoft PressPass - Bill Gates Speaks to Sold-Out Crowd of Developers Looking to Windows As Premier Platform for Development in the 21st Century

Microsoft PressPass - Microsoft Highlights Growing Developer Momentum For Windows NT 5.0

More Windows Than Fleas On A Dog - InformationWeek LangaLetter

MS Denies Windows 'Spy Key' - Wired News

Planet IT Windows 2000 TechCenter Microsoft Janus Will Follow Win 2000 Rollout

reduce IT complexity by exploiting Microsoft Windows NT

SAP R3 on Windows NT Feature Article September 1997

The Scalability Factor - Microsoft's COM+ architecture promises to make Windows NT applications truly scalable

UNIXINTEGRATION.COM - UNIX And Windows NT In Business-To-Business E-Commerce

UPSIDE TODAY Breaking Windows

Web Workshop - Specs & Standards -- Enabling Interoperability with Windows

Windows 2000 Lies - PC Computing Online

Windows 2000 Professional ROI Impacts for Corporate Customers [Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional]

Windows DNA News

Windows NT Advantage

Windows NT Firewalls Software Review November 1997

Windows NT Server Terminal Server Edition (Microsoft Direct Access)

Windows NT Systems

Windows shift toward n- tier and distributed computing - Under the Hood MSJ June 1999

Windows Windows Home Page

Windows-Based Terminals Construction in Progress page 1 - Home


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