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Java Related Links

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JRoundup, the new online community for Java developers.

A Strategic Shift to JavaBeans(TM) Component Architecture

Adaptive Java applications -- XML makes it possible - JavaWorld September 1999


alphaBeans JavaBeans(tm) by IBM

Application servers An introduction - JavaWorld - December 1998 - Java and Jini Resources - created by Bill Venners

Bean Markup Language Part 1 - JavaWorld August 1999

Behind the Magic Java TV(TM) Technology

Build user interfaces for object-oriented systems Part 2 The visual-proxy architecture - JavaWorld September 1999

Building Distributed Applications with Java and CORBA

Building Distributed Java Applications For The Enterprise - How Symantec Makes It Easy - White Paper

BulletProof and JDesignerPro

BYTE Column - Jini Out of the Bottle Martin Heller

BYTE Magazine - February 1998 Features Making Components Portable with JavaBeans

Café simplifies distributed Java - Test Center (InfoWorld)

CORBA meets Java - JavaWorld October 1997

CORBACorner Infrastructure - Net-Centric Java

Core Java Foundation Classes - Chapter One

Cover Story Bean Markup Language Part 1 - JavaWorld August 1999

Data Thick and Thin - JDBC

database application development for the professional Java programmer

DataDirect SequeLink Java Edition Tech Brief

Design Java servlets with the Delegation Event Model - JavaWorld September 1999

Design with Java Resource Management

Designing with interfaces - JavaWorld December 1998

Developers Java Web architecture Library - Papers

developerWorks Java technology Web architecture XML Library - Papers

Development Resources- Java Frameworks

Digital Cats' Java(tm) Resource Center

Distributed Java component model (InfoWorld)

Dynamic Java Pages Microsoft-Style

e-business Application Solutions Using Java Volume I

Enabling Embedded Workflow with Java

Extending Legacy Systems Through Java(TM) Technology

Feature Stories About Java Technology

Feb99 A Java Applet Search Engine

Feb99 Creating Signed Persistent Java Applets

Feb99 Java and Lightweight Components

Flexible Java - A Guide to Designing with Objects and Types - by Bill Venners

How can Java rule the world - JavaWorld April 1996

How Do You Take Your Java

How does Java fit into the object-relational picture (InfoWorld)

How does Java fit into the object-relational picture - Test Center (InfoWorld)

How Java Technology Works (Server)

How-Tos and Tutorials - JavaWorld Topical Index

I-Kinetics The Internet Java CORBA (IJC) Resource Guide

IBM boosts Java productivity (InfoWorld)

IBM developerWorks Java technology overview

IBM To Roll Out Java-Linux Tools

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Java's Middle Kingdom

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Of Two Minds About Java

Inter@ctive Week Jini Plug In Connect Anything

Internet Java & CORBA Resource Guide

Internet Special - Tales from the Java Shops

Introducing Swing Architecture

Introduction to Java RMI

Introduction to the JavaBeans API

Java - A Jolt of Efficiency

Java - The Microsoft Perspective - Issue 7 @

Java - The Microsoft Perspective - VBZone Opinion

Java - The Power Behind the Portal

Java 101 Hello World

Java and ASP A New Approach

Java and Distributed Object Technologies for Replicating Data

Java Applications - Testing N-Tier Java Applications - Mercury Interactive

Java Beans and EJBs What's the difference

Java Blend - Javaª Technology for the Enterprise Drives Business-Critical Applications (PDF)

Java Developer Connection

Java Development Conference

Java Development Newsletters for N-Tier Enterprise Applications from THOUGHT Inc.

Java Feature - IBM Spills the Beans on Java Telephony

Java in Action (enterprisejava.pdf)

Java in the Database - Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Enterprise Developer

Java in the Enterprise - CIO Magazine September 1 1998

Java in the Enterprise part 2 - SunWorld - August 1998

Java in the management sphere Part 1 - JavaWorld October 1999

Java Jems - AS400 - Novera and the move to n-tier

Java Language Futures

Java Lobby Homepage

Java Native Interface Programmer's Guide and Specification

Java Online Education @

Java RMI Overview

Java Software FAQ Index

Java Solutions for DataWarehousing

Java Technologies Java platform in servers

Java Technology Architecture Planning and Design

Java technology meets the enterprise - JavaWorld

Java Tip 75 Use nested classes for better organization - JavaWorld

Java use limited in critical apps

Java(TM) 2 Platform Enterprise Edition - Frequently Asked Questions

Java(TM) 2 Platform Enterprise Edition

Java(TM) Blend(TM)

Java(TM) Message Queue - Home


Java(TM) Technology Zeros in on the Enterprise

Java(TM) Telephony API Home Page

Java-Brewed to Perfection

Java-CORBA Slide Show

Java-Linux -- Welcome to the O'Reilly Java Center! -- computer books software online publishing - The Source for Java(TM) Technology

JavaOne 99 Conference Attendees Benefit From Ernst & Young's Two K Virtual Machine Palm Solutions

JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology -- Comparison With ASP

JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology -- Industry Support

JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology -- Overview

JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology -- Technical Information

JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology

JavaWorld - Net News Central

JavaWorld Developer Tools Guide Web Application Server

JavaWorld Topical Index Design Techniques by Bill Venners

JavaWorld Topical Index How-To Java by Todd Sundsted

JavaWorld Topical Index


JavaZone Book of the Week - Building N-Tier Applications With COM and Visual Basic 6.0

JDBC Driver - 100% Pure Java

JSP 101 Introduction to JavaServer Pages

Jun99 Java Portability by Design

LDJ Trust - Java Technology Fiction v.s. Fact

May99 Java Proxies for Database Objects

Microsoft's Java Strategy Helping Java Developers Succeed

New Wares Add Teeth To Oracle Java Campaign

ObjectSpace Sweeps Awards at Java Business Expo

On Solid Ground - JavaOne conference - Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Editor's Page

Plexstar - Java Components for the Web (tm)

Review - Cafe simplifies distributed Java


Smarter Java development - JavaWorld August 1999

Softera Develops The Next Generation UML Modeling Tools for Java

success with cross-platform porting using Java technology - Sun Developer Connection

Sun - JavaBeans Documentation

Sun delivers Kestrel the newest version of Java 2 - JavaWorld September 1999

Sun details 'MAJC' appliance chip - JavaWorld September 1999

Sun offers up free StarOffice office apps suite - JavaWorld September 1999


Sun posts beta of next-generation Java - - News - Enterprise Computing

Sun releases the new Java 2 platform in style - JavaWorld - December 1998

Sun Releases the New Java(tm) 2 Platform in Style

Sun Takes a Detour on Java - Technology News from Wired News

Symantec - Java in the Enterprise White Paper

TeamJava HQ

TeamJava Master Registry - Companies

THE CONNECTED ENTERPRISE - The JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

The Java Grande forum pushes Java toward new heights - JavaWorld September 1999

The Java Language Environment

The Jini vision - JavaWorld August 1999

The K virtual machine and the Palm V Part 1 - JavaWorld September 1999

The power behind the portal - JavaWorld - December 1998

The power of Java Blend

The State Of Java Middleware Part II

UNIX Review - Getting To Know Joe

UPSIDE today Percolating Java

Vendor panel extols Java's enterprise-readiness - JavaWorld June 1999

Web Review - The 10 Most Common Java Programming Mistakes

Welcome to the MAJCTM Home Page Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing

What Is Java

Write once run anywhere

XML and Java A potent partnership Part 1 - JavaWorld June 1999

XML and Java A potent partnership Part 2 - JavaWorld July 1999

XML and Java A potent partnership Part 3 - JavaWorld August 1999

XML and Java A potent partnership Part 4 - JavaWorld September 1999

XML Meets Java


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