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21 The Toughest Problems Will Be Solved With a Roll of the Dice

3 The Global Corporation Becomes the Leaderless Corporation

About the Future of Freedom Foundation

BBC News SciTech Shape of things to come

BBC News SciTech The future is Internet shopping says BT

Big Servers Are The Future, Says Ellison

BT Innovation & Technology - View of the Future - Ian Pearson - Your Life

cluetrain manifesto - News - Personal Technology - PC of future mimics network computer

ComponentWare and the Future of Computing - Geoff Baker Development Director

Ed Yourdon's Essay on 'My Y2K Outlook'

Fearless Forecasts For 2000

Future Predictions Forecasts and Speculations for the Coming Third Millennium Y2K Future War Big Brother Immortality Clones Androids Super Cars Space Colonization and More...

Future Predictions Forecasts and Speculations for the Coming Third Millennium; Clones Micromachines UFO Antimatter

Future Predictions Forecasts and Speculations for the Coming Third Millennium; Lie Detection Terrorism Immortality Clones Digital TV UFO Antimatter (through 2001)

Gigglebytes - Think Tiny Thoughts

Grove Says Clicks and Bricks Are The Future

I Have Seen the Future by James Gleick

Information technology the third wave.

Institute for the Future

jrm&aWebFLUX magazine for technophiles futurists investors sci fi fans inventors and their kin; Cutting edge news opinion reviews how-to tips and tantalyzing glimpses of the future ahead...

News in the Future @ MIT

PC Week A few potholes in vendors' roads to the future

Perspectives on 1990-2050 AD

Salon Software that writes software

Six hot technologies for the 21st century (Datamation August 1996)

Smart Communities -- Cyberspace and Cyberplace - Building the Smart Communities of Tomorrow

Story Hot Sites for Tech Futurists

Teleports - The Future

The Earth Will Don an Electronic Skin

The Future of Strategic Systems

The Long Now Foundation

The Next 20 Years

The Office in a Browser - Wired News

We Are Offering 21 Doors to the Future and Invite You to Explore

What will the corporate computing infrastructure look like in the year 2000 - SunWorld - May 1997

ZD Net AnchorDesk Futures and Predictions

ZDNet Sm@rt Reseller - FutureLink Linking the Future


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