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Application Servers Related Links

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1998 Year of the Application Server - Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Product Review

A collection of articles on Application Servers - SLIP

App Servers Move To Operating System -- Sun, Microsoft Will Bundle Middleware With Solaris, Windows 2000

App servers step into the 21st century

Application Server - In Depth Concept Definition

application server - PC Webopaedia Definition and Links

Application server - WebLogic scales supremely (InfoWorld)

Application Server Essentials - Inprise Seminars

Application Server Zone

Application servers (InfoWorld)

Application Servers - COM-Based vs Java-Based - Chappell and Associates

Application servers An introduction - JavaWorld - December 1998

Application Servers An Introduction

Application Servers Hip or Hype

Application servers in 1999 - Persistent objects are knocking at the door

BEA WebLogic Home Page

CNET - Application server eludes definition

Database Developer Distributed Transactions SQL and Application Servers (Web Techniques Feb 1999)

Database Research Distributed Transactions SQL and Application Servers (Web Techniques February 1999)

DataBroker Future of Enterprise Data Access with CORBA EJB Application Servers and JDBC

DBMS - February 1998 - Integrating BackOffice Servers A Skeptic's Guide to Application Servers Distributed Transactions SQL and Application Servers The Most Common Features of Application Servers Which Application Server is Right for You

DevXThe leading online information service for Visual Basic Java C++ Enterprise and Internet developers

Enterprise Development - Application Servers =The mainframe reborn

Features of Web Application Servers -- These Sight Products Have The Same Label, But Different Features And Abilities

High-Performance Application Server Sets New Internet Standard

IBM HTTP Server Overview

IBM Novell Back Start-Up's Java Spec

IBM Software Web Application Servers Overview

IBM Software Web Application Servers WebSphere Application Server Overview

IBM WebSphere Application Server - Enterprise Edition

Inprise Application Server FAQ

Inprise Application Server Technical Data

Inprise casts hat into app server ring (InfoWorld)

Integrating Application Server Solutions With Existing Enterprise Systems and Applications

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - application server technology

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Year of the Application Server

IONA INFORMATION - Annrai's Soapbox - The Server Side Revolution

Java Report Online -- Java and Application Servers

JBoss the EJB application server in Open source

Jigsaw Overview

MiddleTier Report EJB Application Servers

Dynalivery Corporation


Open-source application server enters the fray (InfoWorld)

Oracle Application Server

PC Week 8 Web App Servers That Deliver

Planet IT Enterprise Apps TechCenter Web Application Servers Give Green Light To ERP

Platform Independence Day - Emerging Technology - CIO Magazine May 1 1998

Progress Software - Progress AppServer

Review Apple's WebObjects 4.0 gains enterprise features (InfoWorld)

Review of Application servers (InfoWorld)

Special Focus Web apps servers answer the call

Stringing your apps together - Application servers (InfoWorld)

Sun, OMG building EJB-CORBA platform for app servers

Sybase Enterprise Application Server

The Apache Software Foundation

The Dasein EJB Application Server

The ILU Requestor for HTTP servers

The latest class of application servers goes to work in the real world (InfoWorld)

The latest class of application servers goes to work in the real world - Test Center (InfoWorld)

The latest class of application servers goes to work in the real world - Test Center Analysis Making the grade (InfoWorld)

The Locomotive Project - Open Source Servlet-compatible Web Application Server

The WDVL VL-WWW Servers

The WebSphere Application Server architecture and programming model

Three New App Servers Released - Sept98

Web App Server Market Consolidates

Web App Servers -- This New Class Of Middleware Is Speeding Application Development And Becoming A Strategic Platform For Web-To-Legacy Integration

Web Application Servers Give Green Light To ERP -- Integration Tools Give ERP A Role In E-Commerce

Web Application Servers

Web Applications Servers Give Green Light To ERP

Web Review - Distributed Transactions SQL and Application Servers

Web server software - Netscape's iPlanet pushes the Web envelope (InfoWorld)

What application server (a definition)


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