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Linking Business and Technology

Yes We Do! ( Since 1982 )

N-Tier Inc. provides of a wide range of development services for eCommerce and Enterprise applications.

We help organizations both large and small to design, build and operate reliable Internet, Intranet and Extranet systems that help to integrate existing resources and maximize return on IT investment.

Our experienced group of Internet Technology Professionals provide affordable solutions to a wide range of business specific needs.  Our dedicated team of experts work closely with clients to build systems that not only meet present requirements, but also can be expanded, enhanced, and maintained in the future.

N-Tier software specialists use an advanced approach to system design, where business functions are separated on one or more logical tiers, data may be distributed in one or more data stores (typically relational databases), and user interaction takes place through a common web browser or other simple device such as as PDA or Cell-Phone. This flexible and scalable approach yields many benefits for companies, system administrators and end users.

Our mission at N-Tier is to provide the highest possible level of service to our clients while helping them to anticipate technology trends, thus enhancing their competitive position.

Our goal is to make it easier for people to
Harness the Chaos of Computing


N-Tier.com is part of the N-Crowd Network, which provides a variety of focused Web-sites for both Community and Commercial projects.  

N-Crowd sites offer a turnkey approach to Net success and provides Net-Business development and support services at affordable prices.

We hope you will find N-Tier.com and N-Tier Inc. useful in providing a Customer/Service oriented, One-Stop-Shop for all your important Information Technology needs.

(See [The Revolution] for more details about the technology behind N-Tier distributed systems.)

N-Tier Inc. is currently seeking investors and strategic partners interested in establishing long-term business relationships.

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