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Linking Business and Technology

Computing Without Limits

N-Tier is a new buzz-word which is rapidly gaining popularity in the computer business.

Simply put, N-Tier means "Any Number of Tiers" ~ No Limits ~

N-Tier systems allow you to use computer hardware and software resources dynamically and provides the ability to add what you need, where and when you need it!

Simple Concept ~ but that's where the simplicity ends.

N-Tier applications mean using whatever mix of Computer Hardware and/or Software Layers you need, in order to provide a modular collection of Information Services.

Any number of component-based Clients ~ Interfaces ~ Agents ~ Transactions ~ Middleware and Data Servers flexibly arranged into an infinite variety of configurations. (a bit like Software-based Lego)

Programs partitioned into Tiers allow each layer or component part to be developed, managed, deployed and enhanced independently.

The rapid move to the N-Tier network computing model, signals a powerful computing trend and is currently having a huge impact on both Enterprise and Web-based applications.

Often referred to as: thin-client, browser-based, network-centric or multi-tiered computing, N-Tier computing encapsulates all of these concepts, to give us the ability to best harness the power of today's complex computing systems. N-Tier frameworks help simplify and unify an often chaotic mix of applications, interfaces and cross-platform networks.

The benefits of implementing an adaptable N-Tier architecture are both numerous and compelling.

From 1 to N ~ Use What Makes Sense !
While N-Tier may mean many things to many people, as it applies to the Distributed Computing arena, it may be best described as:

  • A computer application that may be divided into any number of tiers or logical layers, using a reusable, component based approach.   These logical tiers may operate in multiple configurations, using any number of physical systems, thereby providing unlimited flexibility and scalability for dynamic business requirements.

  • A strategy for integrating a diverse collection of computer resources into a unified system. N-Tier distributed computing systems may be created using a wide variety of computer languages, operating systems, and platforms.

  • A framework for providing a flexible, distributed computing environment, that can take full advantage of the infrastructure and resources you currently have, while preparing for whatever changes the future brings.

  • A variation on the familiar Client / Server computing model, which uses Internet / Intranet related technology, to maximize return on investment and existing skill sets, while providing a reliable, flexible framework for change and growth.

  • A method for centralizing control over increasingly critical corporate information, while encouraging departmental innovation and maximizing supplier and customer input.
Technology for the 21st Century !
N-Tier distributed architectures may be thought of as the "Unified Field Theory" of computing, where everything is potentially related to everything else.

The N-Tier model of computing enables the overall performance and maintainability of Client/Server systems to be substantially improved. This layered environment also simplifies code distribution, since most of the business logic has been moved from the client to the server.

Pick a Number -- One, Two, Three, More.
The N-Tier model of computing provides the ability to distribute independent components or services over as many tiers as makes sense and then link them dynamically, in order to provide unlimited application flexibility.
N = Any Number of :

  • Levels/Layers/Tiers
  • Clients & Customers
  • Objects & Components
  • Servers & Services
  • Configurations
  • Transactions
  • Abilities
  • Benefits
  • Advantages
  • Opportunities

To Infinity and Beyond !

N-Tier computing provides your business with a virtually unlimited number of business advantages, benefits and opportunities.

For more information on what the N-Tier "Buzz" is all about, or on how you can use N-Tier systems to help move your business a "Light-Year" ahead of your competition, please contact us and let us show you more.

Please contact us by E-Mail or by Phone @ 403-547-2100 today.


N-Tier ~ Computing without limits!
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